Danny Downing is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Saskatoon SK, Canada. His Debut album "When the Lights Go Down" was released on June 28th 2018 and has already gained a lot of momentum, reaching 10,000 streams across all platforms in it's first month. His lead single "Memories Survive" was recently featured on BIRP! and was added to their July 2018 playlist. Come Here Floyd also recently reviewed  the first single stating "The vulnerability is transcribed with sharp elbows and the cautious but optimistic road he Wants To Take, is evident and assuredly warrants empathy from the listener".

Danny started his career with and is still writing/performing with the band "Postlude". Winning a songwriting contest very early on out of Edge Magazine based in Ottawa he found his calling as a songwriter. Listening to his music you wouldn't guess that he writes, performs, mixes and masters his own work, but his musical visions remain clear with him at the helm of this one man, full band sound.  


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